Easily Archive All Your Emails, Social Media, SMS/MMS & WhatsApp

The most advanced archiving solution on the market for email, social media, text messages and more.


Intradyn’s proven archiving solutions will not only help protect your organization in the event of any future litigation, eDiscovery request or Right to Know inquiry, it will also give you peace of mind knowing that your messages are safe, secure and easily searchable.


Capture, save & index all emails, historical emails from the mail server & emails from PST and other archiving solutions.

Social Media

Accurate & dependable archiving solutions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Mobile Messages

Preserve all mobile communication and satisfy compliance requirements & eDiscovery needs. SMS/MMS WhatsApp and more.



How it Works

Intradyn’s solution accepts journaled email directly from your email server—meaning each element of your email (i.e. header, body and attachments) is digitally signed, archived, and de-duplicated to ensure content integrity. The search engine uses an inverted index technology to quickly and accurately access any or all emails. Native integration with Active Directory is used for authentication and authorization.

Email Supervision

Achieve compliance using supervisory procedures with timeliness, frequency and quantity parameters.

Simple Set Up

Setup is simple and easy, however assistance is available from an Intradyn Sales Engineer if needed.

Seamless Operation

User-friendly searching capabilities through an intuitive interface.


How it works

Our service crawls, captures and archives all messages for a social media account(s) in near real time. Any changes, edits, updates, deletions to text, images or videos are also captured and archived.

All content is digitally signed (256-bit) & time-stamped which satisfies legal requirements

Our crawler are built and is continuously updated based on the social media platform developer APIs.

Data Archiving

The messages, tweets, comments, etc. on social media accounts are captured completely and archived. All images and videos (including outside linked content) is downloaded and archived.

Intradyn Social Media Archiver implements strict access control mechanism for social media content. Only authorized individual are able to access and search on the social media content.

Simple Set Up

Setup is simple and easy to use. However, assistance is available from an Intradyn Sales Engineer if needed.

Access to archiving certain forms of data requires authorization by the social media account owner/administrator – e.g. non-public fields/messaging, and so this must be granted prior to crawling an account.

Seamless Operation

Intradyn Social Media Archiver seamlessly works in the background. There is no impact on the social media accounts.

You will have access to all your social media content on a purpose build solution.


How it Works

Archiving mobile communication for any combination of: devices/OS, carrier/plan and ownership model. Customizable solutions for every enterprise configuration

Enterprise Number Archiver:

  • An App for iOS and Android Smartphones with a 2nd virtual number associated
  • Texting and calls can be recorded and archived

Android Archiver:

  • Capture all native Android text and call communications
  • Use the native chat and phone-dialer


Network Archiver:

  • Direct carrier capture for automatic archiving
  • Requires no app or change to user device

WhatsApp Archiver:

  • Capture all native WhatsApp text
  • Use the WhatsApp chat and phone-dialer



All incoming, outgoing and internal email are captured, indexed and ready for quick retrieval. Our step-by-step guide will help you configure and start archiving email. Intradyn’s email archiving solution will allow you archive emails from the following:
All social media posts are archived in near real time. We are adding new social media types all the time. Intradyn’s archiving solution will allow you to archive social media information from the following platforms:
You can archive text, SMS/MMS and WhatsApp messages into the same archiver. All messages are saved, indexed and ready for easy retrieval. Intradyn’s archiving solution will allow you to archive mobile information from the following providers:
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in – Let your end-users find their own emails with this simple to use interface. The plug-in resembles the MS Outlook eco-system making it easy for users because it’s what they know.

  • Email Server Crawlers – Import all your existing emails from the email server. The appliance will read emails from all the mailboxes and all the folders and send them to the archiver.

  • PST Import – Easily import all your users local PST files with this built-in tool. You have everything you need at your fingertips when it comes to PST files.

  • Contacts Crawler – Items crawler is an administrative utility which navigates through all the mailboxes and their respective folders picking up contacts from all users.

  • Import Existing Archive – This native Built-in tools import emails from other email archiving vendors like archmail, Google Vault, Barracuda Archiver, etc.

One Powerful Archiving Software,
Three Deployment Options




VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V compatible, purpose-built virtual appliance will make your entire email system run more efficiently by reducing your message store by 60 percent.



Our cloud deployment provides the most cost-effective, reliable and scalable solution on top of Amazon Web Services. This deployment is designed to deliver an intuitive search interface for the most advanced eDiscovery capabilities.



All-in-one secure email archiving appliance build on Dell-based hardware. This is our first ever purpose-built email archiving appliance to help you reduce storage space and fulfill your organization’s email archiving strategies.